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Damn It, We're Still Alive!

The film tells the story of the life and death of musician Johann Hölzel aka "Falco". His work is portrayed through his early days, as member of the Viennese band "Drahdiwaberl" to his carreer as a solo artist, with hits like "Der Kommissar", and his world wide smash-hit "Rock Me Amadeus". The pressure to succeed after the first hit, the great expectations the music industry had in him made Falco turn himself into a public figure. Excesses, drug and alcohol abuse, difficult relationships with women all played a part in Falco's life, which ended in a tragic car accident in 1996.

Biography/ Drama/ Music
Feature film

Directed by: Thomas Roth
Cinematography by: Jo Molitoris
Written by: Thomas Roth
Film Editing by: Bernhard Schmid

Cast: Manuel Rubey, Patricia Aulitzky, Christian Tramitz, Susi Stach, Nicholas Ofczarek, Grace Jones

Commissioned by: MR-Film Kurt J. Mrkwicka GmbH, EOS Entertainment GmbH
Produced by: MR-FILM


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