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Robert Dornhelm's film-version of Giacomo Puccini's famous opera, starring Anna Netrebko and Rolando Villazón. In 1830s Paris four arty types shiver in a garret, owing rent but when one of their number, musician Schaunard, earns money they are all set to buy a meal in a nearby restaurant. Poet Rodolpho stays behind to finish his writing and is interrupted by Lucia, known as Mimi, a seamstress from the next apartment. They are instantly attracted to each other and catch the others up at the restaurant where Rodolpho's painter friend Marcello is re-acquainted with his flirtatious ex-girlfriend Musetta, who dumps her sugar daddy, after getting him to pay everyone's bill, for him. Some time later Musetta and Alfredo are living together, as are Mimi and Rodolpho, but he is aware that she has tuberculosis and is mean to her in the hopes she will leave him for someone who can take better care of her.

Feature film

Produced by: MR-Film, Unitel
Producers: Kurt J. Mrkwicka, Jan Mojto
Key Executive Producer: Andreas Kamm
Executive Producer: Catharina Mojto
Co-Executive Producer: Oliver Auspitz
Written and directed by: Robert Dornhelm
DOP: Walter Kindler
Camera operators: Stephan Musil, Erwin Lanzensberger, Stefan Biebl
Steadicam-Operator: Erwin Lanzensberger
Oberbeleuchter: Kurt Jancik
Ton: Thomas Schmidt-Gentner
Film Editing by: Ingrid Koller

Cast: Anna Netrebko (Mimi), Rolando Villazón (Rodolfo), Nicole Cabell (Musetta), George von Bergen (Marcello), Adrian Eröd (Schaunard), Vitalij Kowaljow (Colline), Tiziano Bracci, Ernst-Dieter Suttheimer, Ioan Holender, Konrad Huber, Mario Steller, Nick von der Nahmer, Bertrand de Billy

Co-produced by: ZDF, ORF, Classica, IMG
Funded by: ÖFI (Österreichisches Filminstitut), FFW (Filmfonds Wien), ORF Film/Fernsehabkommen


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