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Schnell ermittelt

Angelika Schnell leads an exciting life not just because she's a police detective but also because her private life is in constant chaos, yet to her chaos is just a different kind of order. The way she investigates is unconventional, she not only finds leads in hard evidence, but also lets herself be lead by her intuition, her inner voice. As a divorced woman and single parent Angelika runs the homicide squad with so much determination, that her team of investigators time and again finds it hard to keep up.

TV series (4 seasons, 40 Episodes)

Directed by: Michael Riebl, Andreas Kopriva
Cinematography by: Josef Mittendorfer
Written by: Verena Kurth, Rainer Hackstock, Eva Spreizhofer, Katharina Hajos, Constanze Fischer, Guntmar
Lasnig, Fritz Ludl, Stefan Hafner, Thomas Weingartner
Film Editing by: Andreas Kopriva, Alexandra Löwy, Bernhard Schmid, Bernhard Weirather

Commissioned by: ORF
Produced by: MR-FILM

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