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The trauma surgeon Thomas Reiter has himself committed to the psychiatric ward of a hospital. Overworked and unable to cope anymore he seeks refuge in his dream world, where everything is like in a Western. There everything is a bit more simple, good is good and bad is still bad. His high school buddy Hermann, a catholic priest, tries to get Thomas back to reality, but is more and more drawn into his friend's fascinating fantasy world.



Feature film

Directed by: Harald Sicheritz
Cinematography by: Helmut Pirnat
Written by: Alfred Dorfer
Film Editing by: Ingrid Koller

Cast: Alfred Dorfer, Michael Niavarani, Erwin Steinhauer, Karl Schwetter, Silvia Fenz, Margarethe Tiesel, Maria Hofstätter, Roland Düringer, Bibiana Zeller, Elke Winkens, Simon Schwarz

Funded by: ÖFI, WFF
Produced by: MR-FILM

  • Wanted 001
  • Wanted 002
  • Wanted 003
  • Wanted 004
  • Wanted 005
  • Wanted 006
  • Wanted 007